Human Resources

The main goal of Süvari, in line with its objective of the growth domestically and  overseas, is to employ personnel who will adopt our service and system strategies while promoting to their self-development as well, to create human resource that adopt our company’s vision and values and to prepare them for Süvari’s future.

We put effort to find most appropriate human resource on time for our domestic and overseas organizations by using our internal and external resources in order to serve to our company’s goals.

We lead to our employees to behave appropriate to Süvari’s Basic Values and aim to create core and standard training concepts that are target-driven and responsive to the needs for our newly hired and current employees, to build systems that can help to improve in their careers and to monitor their performances.

We intend to work to apply all Human Resources Systems that are inside the country to our overseas operations as well and  we pay attention on all of  our employees to behave properly to ethical rules and equal opportunity principal.

Our human resources perspective is customer satisfaction oriented, and we aim to strive for the entire practices to be generated in a proactive approach and vision.

Süvari’s Basic Values

Having a Positive Vantage Point

Regardless of the circumstances, we behave calmly, act constructively, do not make negative expressions, and find solutions, focuses on the positive results of the condition. We enjoy our job. We always have an attitude to gain favor of the people and try to connect the people. We know that smiling is a great virtue, and we always have it in our life.

To be trusted and Modest

We see ourselves as the owner of the job, and we do our jobs on time. We are consistent with what we say. We believe that it will make us virtuous to adapt to ethical rules at work. Instead of producing pretexts, we prefer to apologize politely if necessary. When we make our decisions, we give importance to our team's ideas, we believe in 'sincerity' in our communication with them, we try to establish 'trust' relationship with them. We know that to act modestly enriches us, we do not try to explain too much about the works we do.

Being Respectful to People and the Environment

We believe that Human beings and other beings have a purpose of presence, we ‘empathize’. We do not deny our “greetings” from the others. We have a universal way of thinking. We believe that every kind of waste (time, money, material, energy ...) affects both us and our future generations negatively. We do not want the things for the others which are unpleasant for us.  We think that, passing on what we know to the others without advising them and listening them when they need it, comes from the principal of “respect for human being”.

Seeing our Customers as Friends

We see our customers, employees, suppliers and our friends in the industry as entitled to have a right in our institution’s success. We act the same friendly feelings to our other right owners working with us and effected from our business processes, as we are acting to our friends who use our products and shop at our stores, with courtesy, sincerity and sensitivity. We behave caringly to the people surround us, try to understand their needs, act towards to complete them. We want to make all the people around us and the whole world to feel “Anatolian Culture” and hospitality, that is why we are happy to serve to our right owners.

Being Hardworking, Adding Value

We work with the same enthusiasm as we have at our first day at the job in a 'disciplined' manner, without discriminating the duty that we have, we put our effort to do our best that we can in the name of the integrity of our Institution. We always question and follow our jobs in order to do the best we can. Instead of spending time with the negativities, we use our time effectively with our positive actions. We try to put values to our team by improving ourselves and reflecting it to our jobs.

Being Idealist

We are idealist.  Therefore, we continuously improve our work and we try to give a better service. We do our work on time and give feedbacks to those who are concerned. When we see the deficiencies in our field, we do not hesitate to take responsibility to complete them. We work with the awareness of that small waste and expenses are the beginning of the great wastes and uncontrollable expenses. We allocate some of our daytime to make researches and planning for the future of ourselves and our team. We do not compromise on our values.

Being Innovative

We believe that change is necessary for the development. We do not run away from the change, we plan how to be adopted to it.. We think of the different, not the ordinary, we enjoy for producing new ideas, we feel  happy when we  apply innovations in our works, products, sales approaches and in our management techniques. We research, we read, we consult in order to catch up on innovations. We act dynamically; we always prepare ourselves for the next step.

Being Compatible with the Team Work

We see Süvari as a single team together with all our units and management team.. We know that the success of our team will glorify us; we keep the team success ahead of our individual accomplishments. We believe that the ideas may be different, but it should be acted on a consensus basis on behalf of the institution.  We know that teamwork comes from the ability of acting together, therefore we act helpfully and fair, we consult, and we become the person who removes the excuses  away the in the team and take our subordinates’ Ideas into account.

Being Confident and Helpful

We believe that being faithful set the world and the afterlife into the order and have a positive effect on people’s life and afterlife. We make plans and budgets to spend again on world, countries, people which we have earned from.  We believe that this is a source of existence and a source of fertility for our future.

Recruitment Process

Süvari, who has been raising its quality and capacity day by day, aims to take its place in the world market while increasing its brand awareness in Turkey. We are aware that the most powerful and basic element that will enable us to achieve this goal and differentiate us is the "educated and qualified employees".  For this reason, we pay attention to prefer candidates who will provide us the continuity of our growth, eager, enthusiastic, open to learning and improvement, adopt the company culture and values by adding value to realizing our company targets.

We register general applications of our candidates and the applications to our job postings in our career sites which we are the members into our database. We invite candidates, with the qualifications, training and experience that we seek in the direction of our position requirements, to the first meeting by human resources. Candidates who are successful in this process are invited to the second interview to be discussed with the relevant unit manager / director. Candidates may also be invited to third interview if necessary

We carry out an attentive work to place the most suitable candidate in the position by performing the Ability Test, Personality Inventory or exam applications which are in the framework of the qualifications required by the position for our progressing candidates.

The reference controls and job offer for our candidates, who have successfully completed their inventory applications, are carried out by the Human Resources Official. The start date of the job for the candidates who accept our job offer is decided mutually.

Career Planning

Our career planning approach is defining the next position that Employees can reach in his career and the positions that can be reached in the continuation of our employees’ career in relation to this position, other career opportunities, the required technical competence and behavioral competencies to possess, the trainings to be taken for the next position and supporting our employee within this framework.

By believing that the trained Managers will have tremendous contribution to the continuity of our success, we provide horizontal and vertical career opportunities within the framework of performance indicators of our employees. In addition to this, our open positions are announced within the company and our employees are offered with the different career opportunities.

All of our employees can learn from the position-based Job Descriptions which have the qualities, knowledge and experience required to achieve a higher position and know what subjects need to be accomplished in order to move to a higher position.

The qualifications required for Manager or Expert positions are clearly stated under the Store Promotion Procedure which is prepared for our stores. Career opportunities for these positions are supported by the methods of inventory and the examinations. For the position of Regional Manager, Evaluation Center Applications are carried out together with all these stages and the career processes are supported with 6-month training programs.

Entitlement to achieve a higher position for our employees in General Directorate occurs with the relevant experience, qualifications and results of their performance indicators.


It is aimed to identify and plan the training and development activities of our employees in order to improve the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of our employees in line with the vision and goals of our company, and to contribute to the organization by observing their development areas.

All personnel trained in our company are primarily aimed to learn our;

» Values

» Corporate Culture

» Corporate History

» Vision

» Future goals

» Working principles

In Süvari, the Training Department serves 3 different groups so that every employee has equal information sharing

Domestic Stores

Orientation program is created to receive the orientation training firstly by aiming each employee who will work in Süvari stores. Every employee has to take this training. In order to implement this program in every region, we are running this program together with our Educator Store Managers who are working and trained voluntarily in our own company.

In-house announcement is made for a new staff member who joins to our company. It is stated within the announcement, which store the personnel will start to work and in which store the personnel will take the training. The manager of our educational store named in our announcement, calls the new colleague who will start work and calls him for training for the next day. Training is adjusted and given by our Manager in accordance with the position which the personnel will start to work by adhering to the "Store Orientation Training Book" found in our training stores. At the end of the training, both our Manager and the participant fill out the evaluation forms.

All of our Sales Consultants who have been working in our company for at least 8 months are required to participate to “Sales Consultant Training Program” prepared for them for the first step in career goals. Our Sales Consultants who are successful in this training is qualified to be an Expert Sales Consultants.

As it happens for Sales Consultants, our Expert Sales Consultants need to successfully pass through our "Store Management Information Program" too, in order to reach the Store Manager position, which is the first goal of the Expert Sales Consultants.

Since the Regional Manager career is the next step of our Store Managers, completing our Management Skills Training Program and then Our Regional Manager Training Program successfully, which lasts for 6 months, means that they take their careers one step further.

As we step out of the way, of course we do not end in the Regional Directorate position. The achievements that our Regional Managers have shown together with their attitude and rapid progress can attain them to a top position as the Sales Director position after the Regional Sales Coordinator position.

Overseas Stores

Every staff member who will work in every new country which Süvari adds to its overseas market is undergoing a one-week orientation program. This program will be given to every new employee, who will join to us later,  by our Educator Store Manager in the relevant country.

We have 6 months Managerial Training Programs that can be applied by both people from inside the company and the people from outside the company who are targeting career opportunities in our domestic and international stores. In this way the human resource needs that may occur, can be supported from Turkey as well.

Every candidate who meets the criteria sought will learn Süvari retailing and Store Management from A to Z in a theoretical and practical way which is also supported by online trainings.  Our friends who are successful at the end of this training, that is based on practice and consist of 35% theoretical and 65% practical training, initiate 6 months Provisional job in the most appropriate position in the Countries or Cities where they are deemed to appropriate. At the end of their performance which they have revealed in 6 months, actual job statements are given to them.


We also have orientation training in the company for every new employee who joins us. Moreover, we are currently carrying out a comprehensive process not only in the building but also in the stores as well.

Position-based training calendars are created for each employee through needs analysis and resulting competency maps at the end of the year. The resulting calendars are grouped under the 3 main titles.

» Personnel Improvement

» Occupational Improvement

» Managerial Improvement

These trainings are carried out   participation of participants as indoor, outdoor or e-learning.

Wage Management and Social Opportunities

Based on market salary surveys, we arrange the salaries of our employees for the positions they are holding, based on the principle of "total income in the market average" We also provide the variable wage application in the total revenue package, which is awarded for the performance shown by the employee,

At the same time, we provide;

»Dining Hall (Lunch Service)

»Beverage areas

»Personnel Shuttle Service (For Istanbul European Side)

»Company car, mobile phone line, notebook and mobile internet access (varies based on position)

»Company Doctor

»Open buffet breakfast on Mondays

»LCD TV in the office floors provides the opportunity to follow the agenda

»Our working hours are 5 days a week from 08:00 to 18:00