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Return Policy

You can return the products you bought from Süvari online shopping site within 14 days of the delivery date or you can change them with the different products

Return Conditions

Products that are damaged in original packaging, lost resaleability, and are in a condition that cannot be bought by another customer are not accepted for return.

The original and all copies of the invoice must be sent along with the product you wish to return.

Non-invoiced products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Return or exchange of products purchased from Süvari’s physical stores is not done through the Süvari online shopping site.

Return Procedure

Access My Orders page from My Account. You can click here to access your Orders Page. Select the order you want to Return or Change from the Orders page Click on the "RETURN" button in the lower right section of the order detail page . After selecting the product, you want to return on the screen that pops up, click on the "SEND" button by specifying your return reason briefly.

We will receive your refund request when you have done the above procedures. Then, one of our customer representatives will return back to you by providing you a return email and process for your Return / Exchange request.

Süvari is not responsible for the failures that may occur in return process caused by not following the steps mentioned above.

The product(s) you return will be checked for compliance with the return requirements by making necessary checks upon receipt, and you will be informed within 3 (three) business days. You may request a CHANGE with a different product that you like, or you can request to define the STORE CREDIT to use for your next order or you can claim REFUND for the products that meet the return conditions..

When your requested return type is approved (Change, Store Credit, Refund), you are informed by email.

Shipping Fees

If the item (s) to be returned is sent by MNG Kargo which we have contracted with, the shipping fee will be met by us The shipping fee belongs to the customer in the returns sent through a different company other than the contracted cargo company. In case of which the return shipment is made through a different company as counter-paid, the shipping fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

If the change is made as a return option, the shipping fee will be paid by the Süvari.

If the product is refunded, the shipping fee will be the under the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping fee belongs to the customer, for the returns made from outside Turkey.